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Nursery School

The parents/carers in the Nursery School completed a mid-year questionnaire in the Spring Term. This helps to inform our future direction, and governors use it to ensure the school is providing a high quality education to the children.

These are some of the things parents said:

Why did you decide on Granville Plus Nursery School for your child?

  • "I chose because my son he used to it since his sister was with him last year. Also he is familiar with the staff and some children". (Parent 1)
  • "My friend they told me it is a good nursery for your child to develop".(Parent 7)
  • "Because my other child he been very good at Nursery, he had lots help". (Parent 9)
  • "It was recommended by a friend". (Parent 12)
  • "Children nursery which offers children a lot to learn with activities and trips and parents can come and participate". (Parent 13)
  • "I really liked the staff and the way they work, and I liked the play area it’s so clean and everything looks professional". (Parent 20)
  • "It is a good school and more local to me as well teaching is good". (Parent 23)

What is the most successful aspect of the school for your child so far?

  • "First fulltime for him. His progress is very good for his age. Everything so far". (Parent 1)
  • "(Child’s name) learning new things everyday and singing new songs. He loves reading books a lot". (Parent 5)
  • "Learning new things and making friends". (Parent 6)
  • "Ride bicycle, count numbers and alphabet". (Parent 7)
  • "Very trust and helpful with lots qualification and professional people work in here". (Parent 9)
  • "Very big improvement on my son’s speaking skills". (Parent 12)
  • "Being confident". (Parent 13)
  • "So many things to discover with play and learn". (Parent 14)
  • "Learn skills that will help her in the future". (Parent 15)
  • "My child makes improvement for speaking and learn new words". (Parent 16)
  • "A lot of activities". (Parent 17)
  • "He feel more confident and learn how to communicate with others". (Parent 18)
  • "Learning through play". (Parent 19)
  • "His English become stronger and he started to learn how to share". (Parent 20)
  • "The way of teaching". (Parent 24)

What do you like most about the school?

  • "My son like everything on the Nursery". (Parent 1)
  • "Very friendly" (Parent 3)
  • "The fact that (child’s name) feels very happy when he attends makes me feel at ease" (Parent 5).
  • "The interaction with the teachers and kids". (Parent 6)
  • "More structured pre-school days learning like days, months, numbers, seasons, talking about school, more exercises for fine motor skills". (Parent 10)
  • "Friendly teachers". (Parent 11)
  • "The way the school organising trips is really good". (Parent 12)
  • "Lots of Focus activities and educational trips". (Parent 14)
  • "I know that my child is in a safe place and looked after well". (Parent 15)
  • "Trips for kids" (Parent 17)
  • "Staff are very caring and look after children in good manner". (Parent 18)
  • "Different activities". (Parent 19)
  • "The staff are so friendly and respectful". (Parent 20)
  • "The school is well led and managed" (Parent 24).